Instagram Favorites for September 2012

Selecting and assembling a compendium of my favorite Instagram photographs at the end of every month is by far the most unchallenged part of the process. The difficulty is having to come up with something fresh to write being as how it seems that every week a new article is published about how terrible the service is for the field of photography. I pay attention to those people as much as I do to what Kim Kardashian is up to on Twitter and hopefully you caught the sarcasm.

 Instagram favorites for September 2012

Yes I do think Instagram is a photography platform and not necessarily limited to just hobbyist or professionals similar to the way blogging is not just for people who aspire to become published authors. Envision your photographs or your writing as raw ingredients for prepping a warm meal. How you cook them will highlight your composition and communication skills. Some may have more than others but I think that’s simply attributed to the seriousness some people may have towards wanting to get better.

I’ve gotten into silly discussions with 1 or 2 people online about what photos are socially “acceptable” to share on Instagram which in hindsight, it was pretty foolish on my part. What you share and what you shoot is 100% up to you but my stance on the matter which I think I’ve talked about before is that I only upload photos which where taken exclusively with the iPhone and nothing else.

On a brighter note, I’m never against meeting new people and my curiosity to continue to explore new places around New York will not dwindle regardless of the change of seasons so if you have a place in mind that you would like to go Instagram with fellow photographer, please feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll set something up. This is pretty much how I met Joel Zimmer.

You can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of jorgeq.