In art there are no rules, and that would have to be my biggest piece of advice to anyone. Work outside of the rules to create a body of work regardless of how everybody else was taught to do so. The reason agencies hire me isn’t because I hold my camera correctly (I don’t, anyway). They hire me because I’ve created a brand in my work, and I make people feel something when they look at my photos.

Solid tip from Mike Lerner during an interview over at PetaPixel. He just so happens to currently be Justin Bieber’s concert photographer.

As far as the rule bending is concerned, a great platform for one to do this is obviously with anything you shoot but even more so applying them to any personal projects you may have in mind to execute. For the most part, I don’t think anyone is going to care what camera or technique you used to capture a scene but the fact that you were able to do it is what’s utterly important.

With all the street portraits I continue to take, I’m learning more about myself and the act of a being less timid and more sociable rather than something related to the camera.