Introducing Pocketgrams

Using Instagram has very much resembled being part of an underground society where if you don’t have an iPhone and the app installed, it’s difficult to admire the photographs of others unless you’re patient enough to view them all one at a time via the link they share.

I shared a couple Instagram photographs with my cousin that lives in El Salvador who doesn’t own an iPhone yet he still had interest in keeping up with photos I continued to take using the app. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re already aware of everything I upload but I like the idea of having these photographs live in a space of their own, hence Pocketgrams.

There’s currently no web interface available yet for Instagram but the soon-to-be-launched Followgram aims to fill that gap where it allows users to browse other user’s photos based on interests. Only photos from people who chose to have their profiles listed in the Followgram directory will be displayed on their website so it’s an opt in/out service.