Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo

It’s like a magical cube that’s difficult to turn your back on and not have the urge to photograph it, especially in the evening when you’re most likely to see that strong warm reflection bouncing off the struction as the sun is settling. Inside this stunning glass pavillion you’ll find Jane’s Carousel, protected from any type of inclement weather so that it could be enjoyed year around. From what I’ve read, 2 of the pavillion’s sides open up accordian-style, allowing for an open air experience during the summer.

The evening we visited, there was a photo shoot taking place for a magazine so we weren’t able to get pass the glass pavilion. Instead, the most we could do was walk around the glowing magic structure and realize how impressive it was regardless of where you were standing. Parking spots in Dumbo are always a hassle but having the opportunity to photograph the interior of this cube is enough for me to pay a visit again.