Julio and Carlos

The bewildered visual reaction I received from friends when I shared the story on how I spent a few hours on my day off working at a carwash is the same one I get from people when I tell them that I can only dedicate so much time to photographing buildings, landscapes and flowers. It’s uncanny because theres are the circle of things I had been shooting for years perhaps because they always felt safe.

I don’t like the idea of playing it safe with photography because somewhere along the line, the passion and creativity that drove you into this craft can start to diminish which was exactly how I had been feeling recently. Unfortunately I can’t pinpoint the moment where suddenly random people became a fixation for me to be on the look out for. Perhaps it was the endless hours of No Reservation or the Netflix streaming of documentaries that touched on social issues that sucked me into choosing places to visit based on how many people would be there rather than how much of postcard-like scenic opportunity I can walk away with.

I love having this ongoing mentality that my camera is an absolute excuse to visit places and meet people. I haven’t purchased any photography books lately or even turned on my Kindle in months mostly because parental responsibilities have superseded those leisure activities I once indulged in. Any free time I do have is spent out on the streets doing what most people would probably never understand which is to walk aimlessly with the camera and photograph people. Julio and Carlos happen to be one of the many people that I’ve encountered through these solo outings I do.