Keeping Warm in Bryant Park

You can somehow eventually spend more time observing pigeons when your initial purpose to have gone out was to get over the fear of photographing people and you’ve failed to do what you wanted. It’s happen to me several times and it’s a shyness I’m eager to get rid off. This time in occurred at Bryant Park in New York. It was cold, it was windy and while everyone was in a rush as we New Yorkers usually are, this pigeon stood out amongst the crowd because it appeared to not lose its composure despite the ruckus surrounding it.

I consider pigeons as the unofficial streets cleaners of the city and while we’re sometimes more bothered by their presence, I bet if they disappeared for a day we would suddenly notice and miss them. As for the sharpness in the photograph, I thank the pigeon for being accommodating and not moving and to the beauty that is to photograph with the 85mm f/1.8.