La Pequeña Colombianita

If you do well enough research or if you simply Google “Parades in New York”, you’d realize that there are many that take place during the Summer season either in Manhattan or any of the outer boroughs. If you happen to be in attendance in at least one of them, whether it’s the Chinese New Year or the Colombian Day Parade, it’s highly likely that you’ll catch a glance of Oswaldo Gomez AKA La Pequeña Colombianita marching along and waving ecstatically with one hand as he holds on tightly to his equally flamboyant dog on the other while not forgetting about the bird perched on his head.

His probably as notorious for attending 95% of the parades around New York as much as the Naked Cowboy is for entertaining tourist in Time Square. Aurelio is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia and has been dressing up as this alter ego for the pass 7 years. I’ve noticed him from afar as much as anyone has and one evening I happen to come across him along Roosevelt Ave in Jackson Heights. Following a brief chat in Spanish about the character he’s established for himself, this portrait resulted. I forgot to ask him what he does during the Winter season when there’s little celebrations taking place on the streets.