Leica Rangefinder for Street Photography

What you’ll find packed in Adam Marelli’s small carry on bag will be a Leica M9 and M6 which he regularly uses to report his findings during travels. He recently wrote a very nice and sincere article on why he utilizes a rangefinder for street photography and demonstrates that good things do come in small packages. Amid his story there’s more than a few noteworthy photographic advice and I cherry-picked 2 of my favorite:

Every major city around the world is littered with photographers. In order to catch candid moments, I don’t need to be invisible, I just have to be less obvious than the people around me.

Once I started to travel more, I realized that its better if everyone thinks I am an amateur. They act more natural and don’t pay nearly as much attention to my “old fashion” camera.

As of now, my only 2 cameras are the D90 and the iPhone 4 but I’ve been eyeing the Nikon P7000 to fill back that void that was left when I sold the Canon G11. I’ve noticed that the most intimate photographs I’ve taken have been with the iPhone and that’s because of its discreetness and very much like Adam pointed out, “people act more natural” when you don’t have a monster dSLR pointed at them.