Life Cycle of an Amateur Photographer

Something that began as an intriguing pastime has now turned into a consuming obsession for Dan Biggins. He talks about his experience with photography where he highlights what he considers the “life cycle” of an amateur photographer. See if you can relate to the stages:

  • 1st Stage: You aimlessly wander around shooting anything that looks vaguely interesting. “Look, a squirrel…! - click, click, click.
  • 2nd Stage: You’ve just discovered the power of depth of field and you ultimately lose count of the number of coffee mugs or inanimate objects you’ve shot just so you could blur the background.
  • 3rd Stage: You’re gaining confidence you can capture something of interest on your next photographic venture so you take 500 shots with hopes that at least 3 of them would look as good as they did on the LCD screen.

As an amateur photographer myself, I would say the stages of development are close to accurate. The ideal place to be would be past stage three where I assume any description would involve you talking about your interest in more than just photography.

A lot of people love the cameras, the technology and the post-processing techniques but very few have that same level of interest with their subjects. I think you have to have a deep curiosity for something in order for it to translate as something interesting . That’s the spot I want to be at.