ListView Plugin for Lightroom 3

I’m huge on embedding as much information about a photograph into its metadata because it’s the type of details that stay with an image no matter where it travels. I think it’s important to fill in as many metadata fields as possible but there are a few critical ones I’m a stickler about such as Title, Caption/Description, Keywords and Copyright. I accomplish all of this straight in Lightroom but sometimes it’s a little tedious going through each photograph.

Fortunately there’s a more enjoyable way of doing this and it’s through a Lightroom 3 plugin called ListView which I’m currently utilizing. “Sometimes it’s a lot easier to review your metadata entry in a list than by scanning through a grid of thumbnails” which is how Lightroom generally displays your photographs.

You can download and tinker with the plugin for free but it’s subject to trial limitations but if you love it as much as I do, then there should be no hesitation to pay the $12.95 to unlock its full functionality. All payments are handled through Paypal.

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