Lonely Gondola

One of my personal favorite photographs from Europe would have to be among the initial ones I took when arriving in Venice. It’s been a city I’ve yearned to visit and the time there was an occurrence that didn’t fully sink in until I began downloading the photographs on the computer and admiring them in fullscreen.

For a place like this, rather than focusing on just shooting prominent landmarks and scenes, I took more joy in walking along the streets where the locals lived and capturing standard details. I found this approach more challenging because I think it results in more personal and expressive photos. Apart from striving to capture something different, can you imagine the large crowds I avoided.

As a photographer, I was most affected by the vivid colors of the homes and the strong sense of art history that surrounded us. The cobblestone alleys we purposely lost ourselves in reminded me of the centuries of lives we must have been passing and the view of seeing a gondola parked outside homes was priceless.