Lonely hunter. Better hunt.

It’s not that I always chose to photograph solo but it’s a practice that quickly became the norm because it would be difficult to sway friends to tag alone, especially if they weren’t into photography themselves and since I rarely supplied an agenda as to what I wanted to see or go.

I’m sure you already have a preference of either being on your own or having a friend or partner tag along but either way, I always find it interesting hearing a photographer’s perspective on the topic. Kirk Tuck is pretty clear on what he enjoys and it’s almost what he recommends and I can’t help but agree with him:

If you want to do photography at a level that really satisfies your soul and your ego you’ll need to do it alone. Forget having the spouse or girlfriend or best friend or camera buddy tagging along. Forget the whole sorry concept of the “photo walk” which does nothing but engender homogenization and “group think.” Learn what makes your brain salivate and why. Learn to operate that camera by braille. And make your decisions based on what your inner curator wants you to say.