Mann & Gruber on Your Blog & Credibility

2 years ago at SxSW, Merlin Mann and John Gruber gave a 60 minute talk filled with inspirational words and viewpoints where on the surfaced it seemed like it was all about fabricating a better blog but it turned out to be much deeper than that.

If you’re the type that makes or publishes anything for an audience and you often think about how you can do it better, then I highly recommend either listening or reading up on this talk. I propose the former.

In it, there’s a part where Gruber talks about having been forwarded an email where a 21 year old wrote in asking for advice on what he could do as someone who’s seeking to take this blogging thing seriously. Regardless of what type of creative venture you’re involved in online, the response to this question is applicable to you and me as a photographer:

  • Give away more stuff than you think you should, and make it easy for people to get.
  • Focus on diverse secondary revenue streams, and always have your eyes open for new and replacement ones.
  • Don’t do stuff that seems profitable, but potentially messes up the reason people like you.