Morning Run

Regardless of how far you choose to travel to escape the daily routine of waking up and going to work, the one aspect you can’t always take a vacation from is being human. Vacation time is generally comprised with activities you wouldn’t normally engage in but it may also include pastimes that you can’t always seem to breakaway from as well.

Often times I return from vacation feeling I need a break to just to recuperate but that doesn’t leave me yearning I should have done something differently so as to avoid this consequence. Just like smokers have a hard time parting from their cigarettes despite their geographical location, the same is true with me in regards to working out. If you’ve every traveled on a cruise ship you should know that you’re doing yourself a favor by visiting the gym but it’s not a practice you can easily instill on anyone.

I rejoiced in waking up at 6am in the morning jogging on the outside track of our cruise ship and it was unlike anything else doing it at sea in the middle of nowhere.