Muralist in Bushwick

In support of the Bushwick Open Studios that recently took place in the Brooklyn neighborhood, there was also what was called The Bushwick Five Points Festival where several muralist had the opportunity to showcase their talents on a platform that was very reminiscent of the talent I had seen at the 5Pointz in Long Island City. When I mentioned the opportunity I had to visit, every muralist confirmed how it would be the highlight of their artistic career to be chosen to display some of their work at this distinguished artistic venue.

The heart of the matter behind the festival was to reinvigorate the artistic community that many are unaware exist in Bushwick and what better way to feature local talent than by replacing gang-related graffiti with awesome murals paintings that carry more importance and are likely to resonate with people. Alex was one of the many artist working on a mural. He was reluctant at first to have his photo taken but I like to think he warmed up to the fact that I was interested in who he was as an artist as much as I was about what he was creating.