My Ongoing List of Photographic Goals

Thom Hogan is a photographer who writes exhaustively on all things Nikon and I was reading an article by him entitled What’s Your Goal where he talks not just about establishing your photographic ambitions but in making them public as well. The money quote for me is:

Not communicating a goal to at least one other person is like making a prediction on the future but not telling anyone. It doesn’t count when your prediction comes true, because no one knew you predicted it.

I’ve talked about photography goals before but I’ve never really disclosed my personal ones. I keep in Simplenote this ongoing list of personal objectives that I think would fulfill me as a photographer. I don’t identify them as missions to be quickly hashed out for the sake of it because the undertaking itself will take time and it’s ultimately the practical knowledge of working to accomplish any of them that will keep me or anyone inspired to add more to a list. As of now, this is what I have.