New York Central

When a photograph appears on a reputable magazine like National Geographic, what’s rarely inaccessible to the reader are the hours or days behind a photographer’s progression to obtain that image. For the most part, we simply see the final product and nothing else.

Had I published this photograph taken at the South Street Seaport without any story behind it, you wouldn’t have known that I took advantage of my day off from work to visit this place specifically and that I was completely disappointed with every shot I took with the exception of this one. The weather was cold, it was windy and the entire day felt like a complete waste of time.

Luckily it’ll take more than a couple bad days of shooting to dissuade me from investing as much time as I do to deciding where else to shoot.

Being a photographer can be a way of feeling more special, even if you know there are billions of people just like you and that’s essentially the mindset that drives me to brush off those days where I wasn’t able to produce anything that I cared enough to share.