Obligatory Look Back at 2010

Every person has a certain year ingrained in their mind that sticks out more than others and as it is a habit for one to reflect back on one that’s coming to an end, I feel compelled to write down a small reflection on 2010.

About Life

Although we got married in 2009, the most gratifying of experiences in my life has been coming home to my wife. Without sounding too melodramatic, the term love is just a word until you actually find someone that gives definition to it and Vanessa has done that for me.

I’m glad to have reached a point in our marriage where people stopped asking about how married life is. Not because I find it annoying but because I’ve ran out of refreshing answers to describe that I’m loving every moment of it. As for that next unavoidable question any married couple gets, we were ecstatic on the morning of November 1st when we found out that we are expecting our first child.

As for the traveling we’ve done, not only do I thank my wife for having the innate passion for exploring destinations that people only fantasize in visiting but for putting up with my doggedness in wanting to capture all of with the camera. I might have been a pain at the moment as the photographer but inside I know she treasures each moment I’ve captured because I see how she thrives in sharing them on her iPad when friends come over.

Aside from the personal, I would be remised if I failed to mention what a year it’s been in using social media. From Flickr, to Twitter, to Tumblr, it’s amazing not only to have read and exchanged links with people who I share very similar interest with but to feel that you’ve stumbled across this great online bar with folks that you genuinely want to meet in person.

If at any point during 2010 we exchanged correspondence, then I’m including you on the list of fascinating people that I’ve met online.

The Blog

Borrowing from Ben’s assessment of his site for 2010, I’ve equally been taken back from the response I’ve received from mine. Despite the large number of articles out there telling you what you need to do to gain tremendous readership, I think all that is just icing to what you should be concentrating on if you have a blog. It’s like a cake where it should all be about the flavor of it. If people like it, they will come back for more and that’s what I’ve been working on as I had mentioned before.

Despite the incessant downtimes that Tumblr went through in 2010, I’ve decided to continue with the service while secretly working on a WP version of my site that I have installed locally on my laptop.

One of the biggest implementations to the site earlier in the year was the ability to purchase prints straight from the site. I’ve been using Fotomoto which has been successful to say the least thanks to the publicity I’ve received from Shawn Blanc, Chris Bowler & Pat Dryburgh just to name a few.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being invited to join Carbon Ads Network as part of their Photography Circle. That in itself was an exciting moment as I continue to share photographs and writing that hopefully people will want to continue to see and read.

The Photography

I love photography and the only worst part about a treasured life experience is not having something tangible to produce evidence that it happened and that’s why I shoot what I see and value what I capture.

I’m more than appreciative of all the positive feedback I’ve received from my photography in 2010 that I refuse to let 2011 pass by and not do something further with the photographs and the passion I have for taking them.

Thank you all for the readership in 2010 and I look forward to sharing what else I have planned for 2011.