On Promoting Your Work

One vital element I often struggle with as a photographer is self-promotion. With today’s market, learning how to sell your work is just as significant as creating it and yet I don’t always seem to latch on to this simple concept but I’ve taken a few steps towards working on it.

Before I could even consider getting Moo Cards printed, I needed to first be confident in saying I’m a photographer rather than having a 3x5 card present me as one. To me, that was the biggest hurdle; the confidence but once you get over that, most of your pondering would be directed towards finding the answer to the question of “what exactly is it that I want to do with this photography thing”.

The business is saturated with others who are just as passionate as you are trying to make a profession out of this creative outlet. As photographers, most of us simply enjoy the act of creating photos but are sometimes shy about promoting our work. You could have done extensive research on a photo project and spent hour or days executing it and have produced some amazing body of work but if no one knows about you or your photographs, then you’re likely to see little in return from all this time you’ve invested. Do you think you do a good enough job promoting yourself?

I came across this encouraging video on YouTube entitled The Power of Words which I think every photographer should see. Granted it’s a commercial for some online content marketing company but it skillfully reflects this notion that people are unlikely to recognize you if you don’t market yourself correctly or in this case, use the right words. In addition to creative vision, technique, curiosity and good business acumen, I assume that being a photographer really comes down to one main element; being recognized. People don’t just buy your art, they’re buying you but that’s unlikely to happen if they don’t know who you are yet.

I can’t think of any photographer who doesn’t want their photos to be shared and be put to good use. Nothing beats producing good work and I must say that this video at the very least has made me consider taking basic steps towards promoting my photographs a bit more. The video also had me thinking a lot about this call for photographers to write more.