On The Importance of "Being There"

Mike Johnston talking about something that sounds simple but difficult to pull off:

Part of taking good, meaningful, important photographs is access—you’ve got to be there where the relevant events are happening. Parents often take the best photographs of their children because they’re there all the time.

One of the ways you can direct your own photography usefully is by anwering the question, “what do I have access to?” or “what can I get access to”?

Photojournalist Alex Garcia wrote about the importance of access and intimacy a while back which is something I’ve been really striving to incorporate into my work. I don’t think everyone has to because it’s mostly based on what it is you like to photograph. I don’t have all the resources to photograph the people or places that I want but it certainly comes in handy to have friends that do and it’s usually these type of obstacles that you have to overcome to obtain an photo opportunity that result with work you’re most proud of.