On the Rope

You can never get tired of photographing insects because the environment in which you come across them is always different. Generally the ones we’re mostly scare of have the most impressive details and unique traits. While my wife’s likelihood is to run away from them, I tiptoe towards them with my camera and such was the case with this dragonfly.

My head is sometimes full with useless information and one of those involve me knowing that insects are exothermic which means that they are most active during high temperatures. So the tip is, if photographing insects is your thing, you’re best bet to capturing brilliant macro shots of them is between 11am - 3pm.

For this photograph, the dragonfly kept flying back to the same location on a nylon rope we have in the backyard used to hang clothes on sunny days. I thank it for allowing me to get as close as I did and recognizing how beautiful they are once seen from a unfamiliar perspective.