On The Verge

I’m well aware this may come across a borderline pathetic but I’ll confess to frequently visiting other photographer’s website with the purpose to convince myself that it’s ok to share photographs that don’t necessarily portray the stuff you’ve either become known for or that you typically don’t shoot. If a large number of your work consist of portraits or delicious food, does that inherently imply that you have no business sharing a beautiful photo of a sunset over the caldera that you took while vacationing in Santorini? Of course not but this is how I feel sometimes.

Photographs that seem utterly different to what I’m use to sharing generally end up being uploaded to Facebook because I assume that’s the type of content most friends and family want to see as oppose to a portrait of a complete stranger who they could care less about. At times it feels as if I’m shooting for two different audiences and I’m confused as to whether this is a good or a bad thing.

While I’m photographing, I’m not necessarily thinking about any of these things. I shoot what draws my attention irrespective of whether it’ll ever be uploaded anywhere or not. I still don’t think I’ve taken enough portraits to considered myself as being known for this particular genre but I do spend a significant amount of time seeking people and moments rather than landscape and architecture.

Regardless of the amount of street portraits I may take and the stories I may write to accompany them, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m giving myself permission to not feel limited to just people. In its most natural state, are portraits what I love taking the most? Absolutely but then again any well-known photographer has sneaked in a shot of a flower or sunset here and there without the guilt of feeling as if they’ve lost a little of themselves simply because they’ve expressed interest on another subject matter.

I obviously have no control over what you choose to shoot or share but surprise yourself and your audience with a photograph which they wouldn’t necessarily expect you have taken and see how that goes. On that note, I leave you with yet another photograph taken during our long weekend in Charlestown, Rhode Island. As you would expect, it was early, it was cold but it was worth it.