Over Priced Food on Boardwalk

To address the elephant in the room, it’s no surprise that I publish a lot of photographs from Coney Island and that’s largely for one reason. This may be a subjective appraisal but time seems to slow down slightly on recurring visits. The slew of new impressions one usually gets when visiting a place for the first time doesn’t happen as much after a while, so you’re almost given more than a few chances to what you didn’t notice the first time around the first time around.

The place is generally the same. I feel I’m what’s different in the overall picture is me the photographer. When a place is new, you have all the choices in the world to photograph anything and which subject you choose doesn’t matter so much, but when you only have a few choices, they become very important.

During this particular visit, I happen to be more attracted to the food stands setup along the boardwalk as oppose to the people who are more than willing to pay for overpriced food.