Paparazzo Light For iPhone 4, 4S, and "5"

I pledge $45 for the early-bird special on this project. Is it an accessory that I would potentially use as much as the Olloclip? Probably not but I kinda like the concept behind it. The Paparazzo houses a 300 Lumen LED light and it supplies its own power with two powerful CR 123 batteries.

At this point I was pretty much done with investing on any more iPhone 4 accessories because of the uncertainly of whether they’ll even fit any new iPhone that Apple may announce sometime this year but at least there’s a piece of mind with the Paparazzo Light that it may as stated by the creators:

If the new version of the iPhone is announced before we go into production, we will modify the Paparazzo to accommodate both the iPhone 4/4S, and the new version.