Parade-Goers at Lunar New Year Celebration

The easiest way to not be disappointed when shooting a parade is to avoid the expectation that you’ll be able to capture every single aspect of the chaotic backdrop that surrounds the celebration. For me, it’s like walking up to a buffet. You can either cram your plate with everything in sight and not feel that you tasted anything substantial or stick to tasting something you already have an inherent attraction to without feeling that you need to worry about the rest.

I met up with fellow Brooklyn photographer Joel Zimmer to shoot the Lunar New Year parade in China Town and despite having arrived early to secure a spot, I was more the willing to give it up because my intention wasn’t to capture the participants in the parade but more the parade-goers who anxiously stood on the sideline.

Celebration with My Father Ongoing Celebrations in Chinatown

The vivid colors of the dragon dancers, the firecrackers, the brass gongs and the smell of incense and Chinese street food was all fantastic if you’re the type that doesn’t mind experiencing it all among a packed crowd. Surprisingly enough I didn’t photograph any of that because there was enough people covering those nuances even though I understood that my perspective might have been different.

Lots of iPhonography On a Cop Car Happy Onlooker Crowded Sidewalk Joining the Celebration Loading up on Crackers Best View of the Parade Confetti Everywhere

To view the rest of the photographs from the parade, take a look at the rest of the set on Flickr.