I might have casually mentioned it in passing although I don’t necessarily expect Vanessa to vividly recall the comment but I always thought that having a scooter as an alternative means of transportation for getting around Brooklyn would be neat.

Her argument has always been that they’re slow, unsafe and you can hardly transport as much as you would want but quite frankly, all things considered, I can’t tell you how convenient one could potentially be on those summer days when I’m in no mood to drive or take the train to get to wherever it is I’ve chosen to go photograph.

One of the most unique and exciting ways to explore a city as picturesque as Paris, Barcelona or Rome is on a vintage-styled Vespa scooter, despite how hectic, chaotic and unruly traffic may seem at first to a visitor. Navigating through Brooklyn is nothing compared to that, especially around neighborhoods like Williamsburg or Dumbo where you’re likely to see a lot more of them parked and driven around than anywhere else. This red one being a perfect example.

It’s unlikely I would actually splurge on a scooter but one can always conjure up these thoughts about what one would do if they owned one. Very often, a lot of my time is wasted searching for parking anywhere around New York and I could see a lot of that squandered time being spent on photographing if I had a scooter. Not a convincing reason to own one but it’s the justification I have for the moment.