Peaking Glare

In case you were unaware, I have this serene option on the site for people to purchase prints via a service called Fotomoto but I’ll be honest to say that I’m completely terrible at marketing this feature mostly because it’s never really been the impetus for having a photography driven site in the first place. If I sell a print, I appreciate the fact that you considered one of my photos worthy of being purchased but if I don’t sell anything, I’m completely fine with that outcome as well.

I really haven’t done much research on the subject but I can’t think of a photographer that makes a substantial or moderately decent living simply from selling prints. Is it possible? I don’t know, mostly because people in general don’t really invest in art and if they do, they’re not looking to spend too much on it due to fear that they will be taken for a sucker for overpaying for something that’s not worthy of anything. As with most art, it’s all subjective.

I’ll presume it’s like this in most places but if you ever notice a painter, a photographer or any other artist displaying and selling their work along a crowded sidewalk or street fair, pedestrians will march up to their setup to admire up close and congratulate them on their work but hardly will any of those compliments be followed by a transaction. That’s just the way things are. Out of respect they might ask for a business card or simply take one if it’s already laid out but that’s generally as far as it will go with people buying prints or art.

I haven’t really place much thought on it but something I wouldn’t be against trying just for experiment sake is to find a tactful way of approaching one of the several coffee shops in the neighborhood and propose the idea of renting a wall to display some work. Judging by the amount of coffees shops I’ve visited in Brooklyn, it’s safe to say that coffee shops don’t like to have bare walls so I like to think there’s a chance for anyone to try this. The more eyes that see your work, the more your name gets out there, the more your name is out there, the better your chances of selling, and quite frankly, you never know who might even come across your work.

As I said before, I’m not really in the business to sell prints but I am interested in the reasoning as to why people are not likely to purchase many in the first place. As for the photograph I’ve chosen to share, it’s one of the few I took during a visit to the Bronx Zoo this summer. The natural impulse for anyone is attempt to photograph the animals even if they’re too far of a distance from them. I didn’t photography any because I dislike being preditable.