People Like to be Honoured

Can you recall moments when you walked away from an opportunity of seeing someone who you wanted to photograph but failed to because you weren’t comfortable with the most ideal approach needed to best represent them? I think the reason we often choose to photograph buildings rather than captivating moments between people is because we’re often shy in asking if we can.

Objects have no choice in deciding whether to be photographed or not but it’s a different story with people. I personally don’t like to be known as the “guy with the camera” but rather the one that what’s to tell a story with it. In this though-provoking piece, Gavin Gough gets you to rethink the common question of “How do I go about photographing people in public?” to “How do I go about making the people I wish to photograph feel comfortable and confident?”.

A must read for anyone wanting to gain confidence in photographing not necessarily the people you already know but the ones you’re curious to know more of through photography. Gavin is among one of my favorite Travel Photographers.