Picture editing isn’t an excuse to be sloppy with your camera. You always have to make the effort to produce the best (digital) negative you possibly can. Photo editing is a means of reinforcing your vision, but it isn’t a means to systematically recover bad images just because you can.

If you thought this quote was enlightening, I highly suggest giving the entire articles a read.Davide Petilli, a travel and documentary photographer from Italy goes more in depth about post-processing and the debate about whether it’s cheating or just an extension of what we do with a camera. I say the latter. Even Ansel Adams was widely known for utilizing the dodge and burn technique in the darkroom. Tweaking photographs has always been tool for photographers.

I think that no matter how incredible a photograph may be, we will always feel inclined to adjust the saturation level or contrast in order to get those richer and deep colors as the subject in real life was. I don’t think I spend more than 5 minutes enhancing my photographs. I spend more time thinking whether I’m satisfied with what I shot and if it’s worth of sharing.