Photo Essay: Metropolitan Museum

Apart from being able to travel anywhere in the world or to purchase endless amounts of gear, I don’t think there’s anything else a photographer would enjoy more than having the opportunity to shoot with other fellow shutterbugs.

Surprisingly enough, I’m don’t personally know as many photographers as I do several online, so it was interesting to find out that an ex-coworker is as deeply fascinated with the craft as I am and who’s currently majoring in it.

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I believe that you’re connected to inspiring people, they’ll connect you to other inspirational people and pretty soon, you’ll belong to network full of some spirited individuals who are keen on the concept of creating something meaningful in the same way you are.

Entire conversations are not all necessarily dominated with photography talk but in between random conversation, there’s the equal excitement of learning from each other’s photographic experiences and lending each other’s gear.

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Egyptian Exhibit

Admiring Egyptian Art

Weather conditions in New York have been a deterrent lately so for the sake of still being able to walk around and shoot, we met up at The Metropolitan Museum.

Everything about this museum is attractive - from the building’s architecture to the collections housed inside. It could essentially take you weeks to see everything here. I’ve visited multiple times with each visit feeling as if I’ve barely scratched the surface but today wasn’t so much taking our time to read artwork inscriptions but to simply have a field day exploring the place with camera in hand.

Tourist Attraction inside The Met


The one inside tip I can give you about the museum is for you not to bee fooled in paying the admission price of $20 or $10 if you’re a student as it clearly states at the ticket counter. What they don’t tell you is that those are suggested prices. Admission is by donation only so it doesn’t matter how much you pay as long as you’re willing to give something. I frequent the place a lot so I like to think my $1 donation is enough.