Photographic Projects that Matter

The crowd funding idea behind sites like Kickstarter has really proven to be one of the interesting ways to raise funds for project because it’s entirely redefined the concept of giving.

I personally would never feel comfortable asking donations for anything unless I’ve proven myself worthy of being invested in. Yet I’m thrilled by this possibility of turning ones artistic vision into reality and having people believe in what you clearly have defined in your mind to do as the result of meticulous planning.

Frequent searches on the site for me revolve around Apple products, camera gear and photography assignments. It’s the type of stuff I lush over but recently I’ve been paying extra attention to the photography projects and I can’t help notice the limited supply of them.

There’s a handful of fascinating ones I’ve supported but there’s more of the type that don’t necessarily provide the type of access and intimacy that would encourage me to embrace them wholeheartedly.

What do you mean by Access and Intimacy?

Well, let me share some of my favorite travel shows with you and tell me what you think makes them so captivating aside from having the affect of making people fantasizing how much they want to have the host’s job. I never miss an episode of No Reservations, Samantha Brown, Bizarre Foods and Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin.

What makes these show special apart from the travel aspect is that regardless of where they go, there’s a instant connection between the host and us in that they’ve allowed us to be part of something we would never had been able to discover if it weren’t for the amount of access they have and intimacy portrayed through the people and environment they’re visiting.

Would you be more likely to support a project where a photographer was granted access to chronicle for a week the work of a musuem curator at the Louvre in Paris or someone who just wanted to raise money so they could make the trip to Paris to visit the museum and send you a postcard as a thank you for your donation? See my point? Access and intimacy makes a difference.

I loved every surreal moment of visiting Paris, London, Venice and even Rome, all of which has translated into being one heck of a conversation starter but my experience would never be comparable to the kind that any of these travel host have had mainly because they’ve attracted more interest in their visits due to how much “hard to get information” they’ve managed to bring back to show us.

With that thought in mind, I believe this is what would ultimately constitute a fantastic photographic project on Kickstarter and where there lack of funds to accomplish your objective would be the least of your worries.

Have I thought about a Kickstarter project myself? Absolutely but I’m far from ever pitching one until I’ve accomplished at least 3 personally funded projects of my own - hopefully abroad but in the mean time, photographically I keep myself inspired with these essays which I plan on doing more of.