Photographically Speaking

Often times I receive emails of people asking recommendations for photography books. I should probably create a dedicated page highlighting some of my favorite, but as I had mentioned before, I rarely splurge on them because they’re quite expensive but when I do, I make sure the purchase counts.

Books having to do with any technical aspect of photography I rarely read because all that information is easily available for you online. But if you’re the type to wants something tangible, I recommend Tom Ang’s Fundamental of Photography.

The type of photography books that interested me are the ones that challenge you to think about what you’re trying to achieve before pressing on the shutter button. I’m an epic fan of David duChemin’s blog/work and if you’ve read any of his articles, you’ll know that he’ll never bore you with technical stuff.

In fact, he would steer away from all that and would instill you with the creative vision to translate what you see into something that’s worth looking at. I literally own all of his books and these are the ones that I would unequivocally recommend to anyone wanting to impress viewers with more meaningful photographs.

Needless to say it’s exciting knowing that he’s well underway on publishing yet another book this time entitled Photographically Speaking. It’s due out in August and so far he’s given us the lengthy introduction to it. Here’s a snippet:

Being conscious of what we want to say and how we want to say it- will lead to images that are more able to express that unique inner voice that seems to prefer the camera as a means to getting those words out and onto paper.