Photographing Bushwick with Martin Herrera Soler

If you buy into the belief that all opportunities in life start with a conversation, then the possibility of mingling with people who have the same vested interest in something like photography as much as you do are endless.

A while back, I had the pleasure of enlisting documentary and travel photographer Martin Herrera in the Photographer Spotlight Series I conduct and among a few email exchanges, he mentioned he would be visiting New York on the first week of August. I don’t always have the lucky chance to meet up with local photographers, let alone ones that live abroad so I quickly picked up Martin on the offer to connect To my surprise, he and his wife were staying just 20mins away from I live in Brooklyn so I offered to pick him up and offer a walking tour of a neighborhood that I roam habitually for street photography.

Surprised Subject

Martin and the Marta

Little Jose

Teenages on Myrtle Ave

Martin was equipped with the ever-popular Leica M9 and I with the Nikon D90. We strolled along Knickerbocker and Myrtle Ave in Bushwick paying as little attention to the heat and more to the fascinating people you’re always likely to come across in this neighborhood. The mixture of these candid shots and some with consent from the subject were probably among my favorite that I’ve ever taken in a place where I can’t always seem to gain the same results when I’m alone.

Delivery Boy

Fashion Outlet

Puertoriqueña in Bushwick

Martin and I are both fluent in English and Spanish so the fluidity in which we switched back and forth between the two languages was as effortless as the topics of conversation that were covered. Everything from how he markets, promotes and sells his services as a photographer, particularly the South American workshops he heavily involves himself in. How could I not be inclined to pick the brain of someone who’s making a living out of the type of photography I drool over?

The icing to the whole experience was where he was kind enough to offer me lodge if I ever decided to take a trip down to Uruguay. Anything that involves boarding a plane and taking my camera sounds incredible and hopefully next time we meet, it’ll be him giving me a tour of his hometown of Montevideo.

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