Photography, Thoughts & New Year

What started as a vague idea over a quick breakfast at our kitchen table in 2010 has somehow evolved into what you see today.

I’ve tried blogging in the past but the thrill continually dwindled as time went by. You can say the process was somehow similar to that typical nameless photograph that comes tucked inside a newly purchased wallet. The wallet may already be yours but the appreciation for it doesn’t sink in until you’ve extract that generic content and begin occupying it with stuff that really matters to you. So the challenge of the site wasn’t necessarily on whether I should keep it but more on figuring out what I wanted for it to be if it continued to exist.

Judging by the large portion of writing they may see on it, when asked by friends to describe my site, I like to say it’s not just about photography but more importantly, it revolves around what I’ve managed to teach myself about photography which is way different. It’s funny that I don’t recall half of what I sat through in Photography 101 in college and that the majority of what still lingers fresh in my mind is a direct result of sheer curiosity that stemmed after graduation. There was that difference between being forced to learn something and taking it upon yourself to absorb it so that it means something to you.

Because of this site, I’ve had the privilege of finding a community of wonderful talented and supportive people who I haven’t personally met and yet there’s a strong association among us on the basis that we’re all learning about this passion as we go along and we’re open to share our experiences and knowledge.

This post was never planned or much less thought out and it sort wrote itself in my head as the sun began to set depressingly early during the 40 minute commute home from work on the I-95.

It is rare but there are those occasional people that know exactly what they want but you have to admit there’s a level of excitement for those that haven’t figured it out yet. I know what I love doing on my spare time, I’m well aware of the tools that I love using and I certainly love being able to communicate stories in a language that you can pretty much say everyone speaks which of course I’m referring to photography.

I’m really not big on resolutions because I don’t believe in waiting for the year to reset in order to commit to anything but I am a fan of setting goals so as to develop yourself in something that’s meaningful to you.

Is anything changing on the site for the New Year?

Not really. As much as I relish the opportunity to use photography as an excuse to venture out anywhere around New York, for the New Year, I really want to start working more on personal projects, one of which is currently underway but has taken some time to execute which is good because nothing worth pursuing comes easy.

The Photographer Spotlight Series has been great because I’ve exchanged correspondence with photographers who’s work I really admire and who I was even fortunate enough to receive a response back from despite how busy they may have been. Needless to say that the series will continue.

Any else going on? At the moment, just a few vague ideas that have been typed into Simplenote which I hope to materialize very soon. What I can say now is for you not to be surprised if you notice a fresh coat of paint around here sometime this month or the next.