PocketLocator: Location Updater for Your Website

Pocket-Locator is a really neat free service which allows you to remotely share and update your location on your website. We all update our whereabouts via popular social network but that information isn’t always reflected on our site. If you wanted to, it would probably mean having to do it manually via html and ftp all the time.

As a photographer, can you imagine being abroad on assignment for a long period of time and you wanted to keep your clients updated on where you’re working. You can do just that with Pocket-Locator by simply adding 1 single line of code to wherever you want the location to be displayed.

You’re limited to 10 check-ins a day which is more than enough for me. I experimented with it on my site and it worked perfectly. The only difficulty with my site is that since it doesn’t have a sidebar, I’m still trying to figure out where it would make more sense aesthetically.