Portrait of an Instagram Photograph

I was half way into writing a bit about my interpretation as to how I think I might be accruing a surprising burst of followers on Instagram until I came across this article that essentially summarized my assumptions. In lieu of this, I abandoned the entire article. Contrary to what social media experts may say, increasing your follower should not be one’s main goal and it certainly isn’t mind but what does interest me is how people are discovering me on the service.

Is it because I’ve incorporated the mild usage of hashtags on my photos. Probably but I think the most effective strategy that I like to think is working is to not think less of the service or the photos you’re choosing to share in it. As a photographer, I believe I would be devaluing my admiration towards the craft if I opted to publish mediocre photos on one platform such as on Instagram and my proudest one on Flickr. I’m a photographer regardless of the platform or the device I’m using period. Photographs on Instagram my not necessarily be your portfolio but treating it as such gives you the incentive to share only photos that you’re proud of. Is this way of thinking for everyone? Probably not because not everyone is a photographer and that’s ok.

Close friends tease me about possibly having a slight addiction to Instagram but it’s not necessarily the service that’s pressured me to share as much as I do. A writer doesn’t necessarily write more because of a new computer, a new pen or a freshly unwrapped Moleskine notebook. They’re gonna write regardless of the tools they may or may not have simply because it’s an intrinsic quality for them to carry out what they love to do even if this very act may seem inconsequential to others.

In honor of the service and how much I truly enjoy using it and at the risk of sounding boastful, I took this behind-the-scene portrait of an Instagram photograph.