Print Giveaway For You

Every so often, the folks at Mpix run 50% off promotions on 8x10 prints and even though I may not necessarily be seeking to purchase additional prints to embellish our make-shift photography wall in our apartment, I take advantage of offers like this to load up on prints so I can use them as a token of gratitude for people like you.

8x10 Print Giveaway

I have five 8x10 prints of my work that I would love for you to have. Much like John Carey, I’m a huge fan of giving stuff away, “just for the sake of putting cool things into the hands of those who have supported me.” If you become remotely aware of this print giveaway, I’ll assume it’s because you already read the site and so it’s for you that I’m dedicating this to.

Rules are simple: an email that includes both your name and the title of the print you would like to receive and that’s it. You’ll have until mid-night Saturday, December 24th to enter, after which I’ll randomly draw 5 winners for the giveaway.

Here are the prints that are up for giveaway:

  1. Brooklyn Streaks
  2. Rear Perspective
  3. The Tourist
  4. Admiring the Manhattan Bridge
  5. Unexpected Colorful Building

If you happen to be one of the winners, it wouldn’t hurt if you tweeted a photo of you holding the print so that I have piece of mind knowing that you received it safely.