Pro Photographers Potentially Ruining Instagram?

The gist of the article:

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t post your DSLR edited shots to a service like 500px, Google+ or Flickr, that’s is what they are there for. Instagram is called Instagram because the service is suppose to represent the photography you took in….wait for it….an instant. To be blunt, just because you are able to upload photos from your iOS photo library doesn’t mean you should.

At first I puzzled about how I felt with photographers uploading their processed dSLR photos onto Instagram but I’ve concluded that I dislike it. I use Instagram to share photographs taken exclusively with the iPhone because there’s a level of authenticity to the process as oppose to bypassing the limitations the iPhone may have when shooting with it and replacing it with a dSLR.

The purpose of an app like Instagram is to celebrate the increasingly mobile culture. There’s no right way or wrong way to use the service but sharing dSLR photos on Instagram seems almost like violating the spirit of the app.

I understand the majority of people probably won’t care where a photo published on Instagram came from because to them, a photo is a photo. For me it’s like you saying you’re going to bake a cake based exclusively from what you know and what have in your kitchen but in the end you end up borrowing ingredients from your neighbor along with suggestions on how to make it look even prettier. Perhaps not the best analogy but it’s the only one I can think of at the moment.

What I upload to Flickr is different from what I share on Instagram and I never feel the need to cross-pollinate my photos between the platforms so as to gain more exposure on what I shoot.

I can’t impose on you as to how you should use Instagram but seeing people upload dSLR photographs on the service is as much as a turnoff as seeing people share stupid fortune cookie comments with Tweegram.

And by the way, “Thou Shalt Never Post dSLR Photo to Instagram” is commandment number one so stop violating it.