Published on Budget Travel Magazine

Back in January I was contacted by an editorial assistant at Budget Travel Magazine regarding one of the many travel photographs I had submitted to be featured on the back page of an issue.

I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years and it’s been a predominant player around the coffee table. The magazine is colorful and loaded with far-away exotic destinations presented via stunning photographs from professionals and everyday travelers who share their journeys in a way that makes you want to embark on one yourself.

The unexpected phone I received was to inform me they were interested in publishing my photograph entitled The Spinner for the April issue. It’s a photo I took last summer in Coney Island. The great news proceeded with a brief interview where I was asked to talk about the photo in terms of location, how it was shot and to speak a bit about what my level of interest in photography was.

I enter contest as much as I can. Any professional will tell you that it’s an invaluable way to educate yourself in placing more perspective on your subject matter and not being afraid of people other than your family and friends from seeing your work. I think what judges want is for you to photograph things you at least care about and not what you think they might like.

Last time I got published was on Current Magazine where Carnival Cruise travelers were encouraged to submit their best vacation photo. The prize was a Nikon Coolpix L100 which I gave to my wife to replace an outdated Sony that worked when it wanted to.