Pulling into Venice

I couldn’t be the hit and run type of traveler even if I wanted to. The type of traveling most celebrities are put through when they’re promoting a release. The type of travel where the only detail they have to validate they’ve been to a country is the faded stamp on their passport or the endless photographs published thereafter on tabloids highlighting who they were seen with.

The mere thought of traveling to unfamiliar territory instills this curiosity towards certain aspects of a place that most people would deem inconsequential based on their own level of interest. Do I need to know what the local beer is? Do I need to know what specific things characterizes a place or how people live or what they generally think about or what they care about and maybe even uncover things that are typically kept secret by locals? Perhaps you could respond “no” to all those random questions but for me, walking away knowing the answers to at least a few of them makes me feel like I may know a place more than someone who may just care to brag about where they’ve been based on the numbers of refrigerator magnets they’ve collected.

It’s easy to get a superficial handle of a place but it’s something totally different when you’ve chosen to become part of a community and have been granted access and given a better understanding of wherever you’ve chosen to visit. I can’t say I’ve had the privilege of exploring all those questions I’ve mentioned with regard to the cities we’ve been to but just thinking about it sure as heck embarks you on this mental journey of realizing what it make take to truly say that you know a place. I may not know that much about Venice but as long as there remains a level of curiosity towards the place is all that matters.