Quick Hints on Lightroom Keywords

Keywording photographs in Lightroom for me is a 2 step process. Any caption or keywords added during import are quite general. For example, during our mediterranean honeymoon cruise, the keyword list for all the photographs imported were: Europe, Vacation, 2009, Cruise, Honeymoon. Once I got to editing photos from either Venice or Rome, that’s when I added specific information about each location.

I’m very meticulously about adding the proper metadata to each photograph but ironically enough, I don’t use keywords as the primary mechanism to keep all my work organized. Dated folders for each event are enough for me but the tagging portion is important for when I upload the photos to Flickr because I have more interest in knowing that my photographs can be easily found by others on the service than by me in LR.

I’m not nearly a world traveler as Nick Potter is but in case you are and if you happen to use LR as extensive as I do, then I think you’ll appreciate this downloadable keyword list he’s made available. The keywords cover everything from a list of all the countries broken down by content to describing all the weather and atmospheric conditions.

Since where on the topic of keywording, the other day I stumbled across this neat shortcut for assigning keywords in LR. If you hold down your Option key on the Mac (Alt on PC), each keyword in your keyword set is assigned a number.

Do you notice the numbers next to my keywords? While still holding down the Option key, press a number that any keyword has assigned and that keyword will automatically be added to the photograph you’re viewing. Pretty neat.