Quick Observations on Camera+

Nestled on the top right corner of my iPhone home screen is Camera+ which for me has completely replaced the native Camera app most iPhone users would settle with because they may not see the need to invest on something they already get for free. I don’t refer to Camera+ as “one of my favorite” photo apps because it is undoubtedly my favorite in the category.

It’s become the straightforward equivalence of working with Lightroom in the palm of my hands yet as a power user there are 3 potential refinements that came to mind while shooting in Manhattan recently which I would love to see realized in future releases.

1. I would like to see the option where if you tap a photo you’ve applied an effect to, it’ll instantly copy it’s color settings so you can easily apply towards other photos without having to go back into the Edit panel and apply everything manually. It’ll establish a more efficient workflow for editing a large amount of photos on a small device.

2. In Lightroom, I literally have over 85 presets installed; of which I use only about 5 and sometimes in combination with each other. The second preset functions more as an enhancer such as a soft vignette or color booster and why can’t Camera+ do the same? An example of this would be the ability to apply a tilt-shift effect on top of another effect the way Instagram allows you to.

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3. With photography in general, anytime you’re camera is not primed to shoot, it becomes a missed opportunity for you to capture anything. I’ve noticed that when you’re shooting consecutively with Camera+, it’ll timeout on you after 6 frames where the actual shutter button dims out as if it’s trying to catch its breath. Perhaps it’s a memory issue on the iPhone but I’ve come to terms with this quirk so I often have the native Camera app launched so I can switch to it while Camera+ straightens itself out.

4. Are all photography apps inherently slow? Camera+ use to be much slower on startup but it’s improved a lot from when it first came out but it seems like the sluggishness has rolled over on to the Editing portion. I don’t bother editing photographs on the spot because of this. I shoot what I want and worry about how long it’ll take me to edit anything later.

These are a few of the photographs I took on the streets of New York while these quick observations about the app came to mind. All things aside, the app has completely restored my faith in the iPhone’s ability to act as my main camera for many situations where I don’t feel like lugging the dSLR.