Read & Trust Network

I’ve come to really enjoy reading blogs so much that I’ve limit the amount I subscribe to with the intention to benefit from the select few that I feel correlate with my interest.

I read the blogs from those writers who eloquently share detailed information on one subject but who can then easily toggle onto something else. These are the people that I make it my business to learn from because they inspire me to hone my own craft. I’m not only deeply interested in what they write but on who they trust to get information on topics they have interest in.

This is what The Read & Trust Network is all about and I’m honored to have been invited to be a part of it and I have the badge on the footer of the site to prove it. The network “is committed to gathering together the best independent writers available - the ones recommend by the writers you read and trust.”

My hat off to the mastermind behind it all - Aaron Mahnke