Read & Trust Premium Newsletter

If you scroll down to the footer on my site you’ll notice the badge of honor that declares me as a “Proud Member of Read & Trust.”

As a quick refresher on what the network is, it’s essentially a home to a collection of some of the best independent writers. The gist behind it is that if you enjoyed the writings of one member such as Ben Brooks, then you’re highly likely to want to know whose work he’s reading so as to discover more of the type of content you enjoy.

Recently, the group launched a Premium Newsletter where for $5 bucks, “you’ll receive a weekly long-form article from one of the talented writers of the network.” All the content is exclusive so you wouldn’t see it on the respective blogs of each writer.

I welcome you to browse the current roster of growing members and if you avidly read every single crafted word in their articles as I do, then you owe it to yourself in getting more of it from people who enjoy talking about topics you care about.

Michael Mistretta may not necessarily write as much anymore but when he did, he put out some very intelligent writing and when I think about the people in the R&T Network, the message behind this passage comes to mind:

A great idea without great communication is worthless. And great communication without a great idea is senseless. There needs to be both. In this day and age, ideas are a dime a dozen. But being able to communicate a brilliant idea with excellent writing—now that’s priceless.