Rear Perspective

I firmly believe that an effective photograph can capture stories better than words can because not even the best writers can describe a photograph in detail like the work itself.

Photographs certainly tell stories but they also allow viewers to construct their own opinion about what’s going on in the picture but as a presenter myself, I like to automatically supply context on what’s happening which has been the driving force in creating this site. To not just share some of my favorite work but to shed light on the creative thought behind it.

I’m fascinated by this sort of information just like I am about the behind-the-scene footage you’re served with when buying your favorite movie on Blu-Ray or DVD. Case and point being the movie Inception. I loved it and the particulars that will show what went into developing it will only make me value it even more.

If you’re the type of photographer which feels there’s no need in explaining your work, let me direct you to my favorite tip from reknown photographer Aline Smithson where he ask for you to get in the habit of doing something when submitting to a photography contest -

Learn how to write about your work. As a blogger and curator, I need some insight into your work, so I can write about it. Photographers often feel that the images should speak for themselves. Honestly, some do and some don’t. Even a few sentences are a big help.

If you think about it; the captions you add to your photographs can only further enhance what you already feel proud of. As for this particular photo, it’s simply a case representing that I generally always carry a camera with me and that not being the driver gives you the likelihood to focus on what’s around you rather than just on the road.