Relic Pavillion

The whole story of the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago has many threads and the one that’s unfortunate to accept is that according to scientist, 20 years from now there will most likely be nothing left but a rust stain on the seabed where it seems to be gradually disintegrating very quickly.

We’re lucky enough that the sunken vessel has been photographed and recorded extensively of which numerous documentaries have spawned out of all the collected data so that we can at least have a vision for what the shipped looked like then and now. What does this information have to do with this photograph of the New York State Pavilion?

For one thing, I drive by it at least twice a week and although I wasn’t around for when it was all the rage very much like the Titanic, as I walked up close to get a better look of the towers and circular tent, I couldn’t help notice the tall weeds and cracked walls on a building which was built to celebrate the state and exhibit art and yet now theres hardly a reminder left that symbolizes the cheerfulness that once surround this landmark.

This is what the Pavillion looked like back in the 1960’s. This is what the proposed Pavillion could potentially look like but due to lack of funding, what you see now is the current state of this once booming landmark.

Who knows if the Pavillion will still be around 20 years from now but the least I can do is capture and preserve it’s current condition now so people can’t argue that it never existed as some have said about the Titanic.