Roosevelt Island Tram

Visiting Roosevelt Island in New York doesn’t require a special boat to get to it. In fact, you can arrive there either by train or by the most popular way which is the Roosevelt Island Tramway. I don’t think it’s a place many tourist visit and although there’s not much to look around other than expensive-to-live-in high-rise buildings, most people venture over just to ride the tram itself since the 8 minute journey over offers a rather unique view of Manhattan.

If the reports about the tram having experienced a couple technical difficulties in the past scares you, you can opt to take the lengthy walk over the Queensboro bridge to get into Manhattan instead.

I received an email from a reader requesting that I make this photograph available as a print. Photo was taken as I walked over the Queensboro Bridge and in the distance you can get a sense of the space between the 2 islands.

For the price of a MetroCard swipe you can go out to Roosevelt Island, walk around and read up on the history of the place. The reason the location ever interest me in the first place was because it was the focal area for the remake film of Dark Water which portrayed Roosevelt Island as a creepy place which it totally isn’t.