Saving URLs with Sendtab

I’m generally not one to review software so considered this more as a way of just me sharing with you how I’ve been coping with this assignment of saving content that I stumble across on the web.

As far as articles are concern, I utilized Instapaper to store lengthy write-ups that I will eventually sit back and read over on my leisure. For videos, I use Radbox which has similar functionality as Instapaper in that you rely on a simple bookmarklet to save videos to view later.

But how do you manage links? Pretty often I come across links that are shared on Twitter which may or may not be related to an article and I’m not always keen in sending everything to Instapaper or emailing to myself because it clutters both. It’s like my desk drawer. The more stuff I dump in it, the less likely I’ll want to dedicate time to cleaning it so the best practice I have with Instapaper and emailing myself is to put away the stuff I really care about and the rest can be disposed quickly if I don’t need to reference it later.

Using Sendtab App to Save Links

On Twitter, what I would normally do was Favorite the tweet that had the link I was interested in and follow up with it on the computer once I got home but lately I’ve been using this app called Sendtab to kinda replace what I’ve been doing with Twitter.

Sendtab is a simple utility that essentially brings the flexibility of sharing links across multiple devices such as your iPhone, iPad and of course your computer. There’s a browser extension available for both Safari and Chrome that will allow you to sent links to your other devices.

Last night I was able to read from my iPhone a little bit about the launch of Ethical Coffee but I eventually wanted to dedicated more time to learn about this fascinating partnership between 2 coffee enthusiast and a Nicaraguan coffee farmer. So what I did was copy the URL to the site, launched Sendtab and clicked on Send a Tab. Once I eventually launched Safari on my MBP, the URL to ethical coffee was there.

Cody Fink over at MacStories has a more detailed write up on the app if you’re interested in reading up on the installation details but here’s a few quick impressions from my time using it:

  • I’ve now seen enough beautiful interface designs in the majority of iOS apps I use that it’s difficult to bypass how good of a service an app may provide if it looks terrible. Sendtab needs a major overhaul.
  • If I’ve just copied a link on my iPhone, it would be neat if Sendtab automatically detected it and asked me if I wanted to Add the URL rather than have me pasting it manually all the time.
  • If you’ve saved up to 8 links on your iPhone or iPad and you then launch your default browser (in my case Safari), 8 tabs will automatically open up directing you to the page of the links you had saved. That’s pretty annoying. I want to view these links at my disposal so instead I just head over to my Sendtab page and view the history of all the links I’ve saved so far which I can then click on one-by-one as oppose to having them all displayed at the same time.