Screaming for a Reason

The few unshakeable images that I have engrained in my mind when I think about the times I’ve visited Coney Island is the long stretch of beaches, the rowdiness on the boardwalk, the smell of sunscreen and fast food, the radio playing accompanied by cheery Hispanics dancing and of course the rides.

Being a tourist in a place one’s visited countless times is an odd thing. Everything is familiar. One knows the way rather well from place-to-place and yet there’s always an allure to come back with the expectation that each visit will be different and that’s mostly reliant not so much on what you see but on what you choose to do on each visit. I’m anxious once again to spend some time in this prominent summer destination that’s been welcoming New Yorkers since the 1930s.

What will be different this time around? I no longer care for photographing the obvious which pretty much encompasses everything in sight you’re as you arrive. I’m inquisitive about something else and with the help of a good friend, I hope to explore and share some of my findings through a photo project that I’ll be working on in Coney Island this summer which I’ll talk about more as June gets closer.

As for now, I came across this photograph I took last year that I apparently failed to share. The amusement park and Coney Island as a whole officially opens this Memorial weekend.