Securing Your SD Cards with a Pelican 0919 Case

When it came to reloading SD cards, I would rummage the inside pocket of my Tribeca Sling Bag and I’d know I’d found one when I felt the flimsy plastic case they expect you to store them in when you buy them.

With SD cards practically being the size of a quarter, I’m always afraid of losing them, especially if you’ve paid $60 or $80 for one depending on the brand and capacity. Losing something that pricey is not fun and of course they hold even more value when they contain photographs that can’t be replaced.

Up until this point, I never gave much thought to finding a solution to this “floating of SD card” problem. The ideal thing would be having them consolidated in one place. A quick search on Amazon brought me to a few reputable brands that sold cases specifically for this purpose but none spoke to me more than the Pelican 0910 case which stores up to 8 SD cards or 16 mini SD cards.

What’s So Special About Them

If you’re not familiar with Pelican cases, the one essential quality you should know about them is that they’re built like tanks and the 0910 model is no exception. They’re molded plastic containers made out of tough Polycarbonate resin that seal with an airtight and watertight gasket. Military personnel have used Pelican cases for a long time to transport tools that can stand up against harsh treatment and conditions but now they’re available to civilians.

Pelian 0919 SD Card Case

After an exhausting shoot, the second worst thing to happen to an SD card aside from losing it is to have it get corrupted because it wasn’t stored securely. Much like a lens, you don’t want dirt, water or any other foreign object to come into contact with it, especially the golden terminals on the back. I’ve had my share SD cards corrupted because I failed to handle them correctly.

How Do You Feel About The Case?

I like that the 0910 Pelican case holds the SD cards tightly fasten in these small cutouts but not so tight that it would it make it difficult to remove when needed. The case was well worth the $20 investment. It’s very compact (the size of an iPhone), it’s sturdy and it looks like it will take a beating but I’ll just take the companies reputation on how well they construct their product because I’m not about to pound on mine. I love the way it opens and closes where you can feel and see that nothing is getting in there once you hear the strong hinges clasp.

Pelian 0919 SD Card Case

I’ve read some reviews where people have labeled it as a Con the fact that the case only holds 8 SD cards but that’s personally more than enough for me. When I opened the package, the case itself was smaller than I expected so I wouldn’t mind hoisting 2 or 3 of these in my camera bag if I needed the extra storage.

Just so that I don’t get confused as to which SD card I’ve used already, I do this thing of flipping the used ones upside down so that I can tell at a glance which ones I still have available.

If you’re looking for a industrial-strength case to consolidate your SD cards, I highly recommend the Pelican 0910. This was exactly what I needed. It keeps your photographic work safe and in order when you’re out in the field where you can focus on what you should be which is shooting.